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Why Choose Hand Coded Websites for Your Business?

Luke Vakasisikakala

For many businesses, hand coded websites are the preferred choice. Custom design, improved SEO, and enhanced security are just some of the benefits that come with this approach. Keep reading to learn more about why hand coded websites are a great option for your business.

Custom design

Maximizing the potential of a website starts with the way it is designed. Using custom design is an effective way to create a unique, professional look that represents your business. Hand coding websites rather than relying on templates allows flexibility in creating a more intricate design tailored specifically to individual needs, as well as incorporating unique visual elements which represent your brand and enhance its visibility. By making use of custom design you can make sure none of your competitors will have the same site layout and structure, setting your business apart from the crowd.

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Improved SEO

When a website is hand coded, the code itself can be written to improve search engine optimization (SEO). The code is often made more accessible for the search engine robots, allowing them to crawl and index the content of your site more quickly. Also, because it's easier to keep a website's HTML source tidy and up-to-date with SEO best practices when it's hand coded versus hand coded software, you're likely to see better SEO results due to increased readability. Ultimately all this adds up to greater visibility for your business, bringing more users and higher page rankings on major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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Enhanced security

When businesses are looking for protection from security breaches, hand coded websites should be their go-to choice. This is because all aspects of the website are individually programmed, not built from templates, making it much more difficult for malicious actors to find loopholes and access sensitive data. Additionally, coding websites by hand allows for increased flexibility and precision when it comes to constructing an intricate web of security protocols that can stop intrusions before they happen.

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Increased speed

The performance of a website is incredibly important, especially with ever-increasing demands from customers for efficient loading times and ease of use. The code behind a website can have a huge impact on how quickly its content loads, meaning the last thing businesses want is a website that takes forever to load - such an occurrence will inevitably lead to increased user dissatisfaction. This is why hand coding websites should be considered in favor of using premade templates; optimizations made by experienced developers during the custom coding process often result in improved loading speed and user experience. Choosing to go with custom design and development ensures businesses get the most out of their investment, allowing them to provide users with improved page performance that will keep them engaged.

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Better user experience

A custom designed website is the perfect way to provide a superior user experience. With this level of hands-on control, you can ensure that visitors have easy navigation and access all the information they need; the design, content and overall layout can be tailored in order to maximize satisfaction. Additionally, by fine tuning features like friendly error pages and intuitive search function design, you can reduce any visitors frustrations while improving their stay on your website. All these elements come together to create excellent customer experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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Hand-coded websites are the preferred choice for many businesses because of the benefits they offer, including custom design, improved SEO, enhanced security, increased speed, and better user experience. If you're looking for a hand-coded custom website development company, check out Blockhead Digital.